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Posing, Presence & Practice! Playing The Winning Part.

Posing, Presence & Practice! Playing The Winning Part.

You train hard for 16 weeks, you measure and consume every single meal on point, you practice your posing after every training session, you track your sleep, your water, your strength, you invest in the most beautiful sparkling bikini, hair style and make up for your show day, but nothing can prepare you for the moment the spotlight is on you and only you. Can you play the ‘winning part?’

We scroll through social media for hours, comparing ourselves to perfect, airbrushed stage shots, those killer shots where each bikini girl is nailing that pose, but it’s SO important to remember, that static photos only tell half a story.

Have you ever seen 2 stage shots of athletes and questioned their placings? What’s missing, that we can’t see in a photo, is their PRESENCE.

How did she move? How did she carry herself? Did she hold this level of presence throughout  her whole time on stage? THESE are the final touches that take your presentation from good, to winning presentation.

*pictured below are some stage shots, left from the PCA North East Show where I placed 1st, and right at the 2 Bros Pro PRO Qualifier where I placed 1st in Open and was soo close to my pro card in the overall!

With my own clients, I use the analogy of turning on the lightbulb. I want them to be the lightbulb that lights up the stage for the judges the moment they step on. That commands their attention, that makes them look, for all of the right reasons. And that light of a presence doesn’t drop until you leave that curtain and your class is called off. For that entire time, you forget yourself, and you ‘play the part’ of the winner.

Here’s my top 5 steps for owning the stage and playing the winning part:

  1. Forget the rest. It’s you and only you on the stage. Command the attention of the crowd and judges and block out your surroundings.

  2. Record yourself posing. I cant stress this enough. Record and critique. You will notice that what felt over exaggerated to you actually does not translate as much to your audience.

  3. Mentally step into the winners shoes. You can walk like the winner, and you may not win, but if you don’t, you DEFINITELY will not win. Don’t let 16 weeks of hard work and sacrifice get lost on the back line of a line up.

  4. Practice until its becomes automatic. You should not be over thinking about your posing on stage. To give your posing the most effortless and seamless look, this should almost be an autopilot in your mind. Then you’re free to direct attention and shine your energy on the stage.

  5. Don’t drop the mask. These shows are becoming packed, and sometimes, judges only take 1 or 2 quick scans across the line up to determine their first call out. If you’re not mentally ‘switched on’ for that second the judge scans across you, you’re lost in the line up. You’re being judged the entire time you’re on stage, always.

So grab that camera, pose record and review. Compare, critique, repeat. OWN it.

If anyone ever needs that second opinion or support, just message me as I’m always happy to help other upcoming girls in the industry!

*pictured below is myself demonstrating Figure Posing with Molly Morris at the KOMPAK event in Feb 2019.


‘Practice like you’ve never won, walk like you’ve never lost.’

Love Charly x

Charly is a IFBB Bikini Competitor, Posing Coach and Personal Trainer.

To follow Charlys journey to her IFBB Pro card, head over to Instagram, searching @charlypfit

  Posing Shoes: the technology,  the materials used, vegan friendly and more.

Posing Shoes: the technology, the materials used, vegan friendly and more.

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