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How To Get The Bikini Olympia Look: NPC / IFBB Styling Tips

How To Get The Bikini Olympia Look: NPC / IFBB Styling Tips

With changes to the UK bodybuilding competing scene shaking things up this year, we are starting to see a shift towards creating a bikini look and overall package that is fit for the Olympia, NPC and IFBB stages. 

As this look is different from what bikini competitors in the UK have been used to in the past, it's important to know what the differences are and how you should go about adjusting and changing your current bikini look in order suit these new styles of federations to make sure you are Olympia ready! 

In this blog, we're going to go over what you need to know when it comes to posing shoes, competition jewellery, bikini suits and posing specifically for the NPC/IFBB Bikini Categories.


In the amateur rankings, you will typically see more 'bling' and sparkle on most bikini competitors in order to catch the judges eye. You might also notice more shoes having a slight platform at the front being on NPC / IFBB style stages. There are no 'set' rules usually when it comes to what you wear on stage at these style of shows, it all comes down to style, taste and most importantly what you feel the best in. Though 5-inch posing heels might look great, you should also be honest and ask yourself whether you feel confident enough walking and posing in them.

You tend to see the style and posing shoes trends change from the amateur to the pro divisions. The higher up the ranks you go, the less bling you start to see on the shoes themselves, instead it moves up and stays firmly on the bikini suit and competition jewellery.  

From our own experience, these are the most popular shoe choices when it comes to selecting for NPC/IFBB style shows.

Platforms are seen a lot more on the NPC/IFBB stage, but the choice is ultimately down to you. On the IFBB Bikini Olympia stage, you will tend to see a lot of either a LIP 102FLAIR 402, OR CARESS 450.

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This is the chance to really show your personality is through your selection of jewellery! Again, similar to posing shoes, there are no set rules. It's all about style, taste and what looks good on you. It's all about finding the jewellery that you love, suits your look but without going overboard. Experiment every show with different jewellery, as those minor tweaks can often make a huge difference. But the biggest mistake a bikini competitor can make is going crazy and buy a thousand rings and bracelets, and wearing them ALL on stage at once!

When it comes to the IFBB and NPC bikini stage, you typically see more bling on stage and slightly chunkier jewellery. Earrings are usually long, and bracelets are usually on the slightly thicker side 💎

Here are our top picks and the most popular pieces from our KOMPAK Collection that our girls choose when competing at these style of bodybuilding shows.


Though the rules don’t state that connectors are mandatory to have, full crystal coverage with diamante connectors is the 'go to' bikini look to have when it comes to suits. Colour of suits range from red, green, purple, to pink. When it comes to crystal selection, you tend to see more simple crystal combinations with the crystal either close matching the fabric or being identical to the fabric selection. Bikini as seen below from Black Ice Bikinis.

2 Bros Pro Bikini Suit NPC IFBB


NPC / IFBB bikini posing is very different from what the UK has seen in the past. The biggest difference is that there is no side posing, only a front and back pose with no lat spread. There is no mandatory front pose, but what is important is that when you do your front pose the judges can see your competitor number badge.

Photo credit link  click here

Photo credit link click here

With every federation, there are trends and styles. So take this blog as inspiration to help you decide on what sort of package you want to bring to that stage. What might suit one girl might not suit another, and that's more than okay! Sometimes it can take a couple of shows, and changes in things such as your suit, posing shoes or jewellery to find what makes you 'pop' on that stage!

If you need a second opinion, a brainstorming session or just some helpful advice on what you should choose for your next upcoming bikini competition. Send us a message. No question is ever a silly question!

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