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The Ultimate Posing Shoe Federation Guide (UK)

The Ultimate Posing Shoe Federation Guide (UK)

So many federations; so many rules! 🙈

It can be confusing as to what shoes to get for your comp whether you are a first-time bikini girl or an experience bodybuilding competitor, so we created a mini guide to help you decide 🖤

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Note: rules can change throughout the year so make sure you double check the website of the federation to make sure they have not changed their rules before making your purchase. All shoes shown are exemplary. 

pca logo.png


Physical Culture Assoication

clear posing shoes with straps UK

"Shoes can be of any style but must not be of an obvious platform sole & should have a maximum of 5-inch heel."

pure elite bikini competition

Pure Elite

posing shoes with diamantes uk

"Ladies are required to wear heels."

2 bros pro bodybuilding shows uk

2 Bros Pro

npc and ifbb posing shoes uk

Cocktail 501

"Competitors must wear high heels". Applicable to all female categories EXCEPT Women's Physique.

ukbff bodybuilding calendar


ukbff approved posing shoes

"No platform shoes are allowed!! The athlete will be asked to change her shoes".

ukup logo.png


United Kingdom Ultimate Physiques

ukup posing shoe examples

All female categories: "platform soles are permitted with a maximum height of 1.5 inches".

miami pro logo.png

Miami Pro


All female categories: "The most popular & recommended high heel shoes to wear are with clear heel bottoms/platforms, choice of high heels is totally up to the model."

glifting girls.png

Glifting Girls


"A coloured or clear heel can be worn to suit your Bikini/Costume. At least a 4 inch heel and 1 inch platform at the front."

wabba logo.png


International / UK

chic 01.jpg

"High heels are mandatory".

There are many more federations out there but these are some of the most popular shows in the UK right now.

Our biggest piece of advice?

Go for heels that you know you will feel comfortable walking in and strutting your stuff.

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