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Irish Bodybuilding Competition Calendar 2019

We’re back again with the latest scheduled list of all bodybuilding shows happening in Ireland in 2019, helping you plan ahead and plan your competing season smarter. We will be regularly updating this list as more federations start to release more details.

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10th - NIFMA - Belfast


13th - UKUP - Ireland

14th - IFBB Muscle Contest - Limerick

21st - RIBBF - Limerick

27th - NABBA Northern Ireland


19th - PCA - Irish Open - Belfast


15th - BNBF - N. Ireland - Belfast

16th - NIFMA - Dublin


1st - NBFI - Cork

7th - UKBFF - Northern Ireland Championships - The Ulster Hall, Belfast

7th - Pure Elite - Dublin

15th - NIFMA - Belfast

28th - FMC - Belfast

29th - NABBA / WFF Ireland - Dublin


RIBBF and NABBA - To be confirmed


24th - NIFMA - Dublin

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