LSR Body Lotion

LSR Body Lotion


The Liquid Sun Rayz Body Lotion is a hydrating formula designed for all skin types.  A light covering leaves skin feeling soft, supple,  moisturised and refreshed.

This is a rich, creamy, quick absorbing lotion, made with exotic shea butter, nourishing jojoba and olive oil, infused with milk thistle extract, green tea extract and oat amino acid, rice amino acid and soy amino acid.  The Liquid Sun Rayz Body Lotion is perfect for those who become overly dry after tanning giving soft, supple skin.  Nurture and indulge your skin! 

You can apply this product up to 30 minutes before spray tanning application without effecting the outcome.

For effective results, smooth all over the body after bath or shower to lock the moisture that will last all day long

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