Alter the look of these bikinis by choosing your cup shape, knicker style, fabric and desired connectors.

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A beautiful scatter of 2-3 different crystal colours across the cup and knickers to cover ¾ of the fabric. Alter the look of this bikini by choosing your cup shape, knicker style, fabric and desired connectors by following the steps below.

Crystal One – Main feature colour
Crystal Two – Second feature colour
Crystal Three – Accent colour [optional]


Beth uses a combination of 3 crystal colours to create a uniquely beautiful look to your bikini. Colours one & two are used on the first three rows which are spread evenly over an approx. 0.75cm gap. The third colour is continued across the rest of the bikini. 

Crystal One – Accent colour [bust & knicker line]
Crystal Two – Accent colour [bust & knicker line]
Crystal Three – Main feature colour


An elegant even spread of one colour crystal across the cup and knickers providing ¾ coverage of crystals over the fabric.


A beautiful and unique mix of crystals to create a glamorous look to your bikini. Create your own version of Emily by using a mix of 2-5 crystal colours which are evenly spread to cover ¾ of the bikini to allow the base fabric to shine through. 

Crystal One – Main feature colour
Crystal Two – Second feature colour
Crystal Three – Third feature colour [optional]
Crystal Four – Accent colour [optional]
Crystal Five – Accent colour [optional]


Flo brings the perfect top to bottom ombre to the stage. By blending 2 crystal colours together and allowing the base fabric to poke through you will be sure to blind the judges with this beauty. 

Crystal One – Top colour
Crystal Two – Bottom colour


Bring the 1920s to the stage with this Great Gatsby inspired creation. This beautiful bikini uses a gradual blend of small to large crystals to create arches from the centre and fades into a mix of two colour crystals to compliment the base fabric. 

Crystal One – Arch colour
Crystal Two – Accent colour
Crystal Three – Accent colour


This distinctive design will be sure to grab the judge’s attention with the use of striking lines and triangular shapes created with two crystal colours. 

Crystal One – Main Colour
Crystal Two – Accent colour


Lucy creates a beautiful blend of crystals focusing from the centre bust outwards. Using a feature colour from the centre and blending out into a mix of 1-2 crystals, Lucy creates a blindingly unique look to your stage bikini designed to capture the eye of everyone watching. 

Crystal One – Centre feature colour
Crystal Two – Outer edge colour
Crystal Three – Outer edge colour [optional]


This original and fun design is ideal for anyone wanting something completely unique for their stage bikini. The swirling pattern is created with one crystal and outlined either side with another to create a striking and detailed design. 

Crystal One – Centre colour
Crystal Two – Outline colour


This captivating design outlines the shape of the cup and knicker line with its double row crystal border while sectioning into beautiful single row swirls. Make this design truly unique by choosing 1-3 crystal colours to sweep from the centre of the swirls outwards. 

Crystal One – Border colour
Crystal Two – Centre colour
Crystal Three – Middle colour [optional]
Crystal Four – Outer edge colour [optional]

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