Choose your cup shape

Choose your cup shape

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The Bombshell Cup has 4.2cm thick padding specifically designed to give you an extra lift and boost your bust by up to 2 cup sizes. This cup is most flattering for bikini fitness competitors with small or natural breasts. The underwire support aims to provide a fuller look by pushing the breasts together to optimize the cleavage line. Please note this cup does not lay flat. When measuring, we advise you to take a bra of a similar style and measure along the curve.



The Sweetheart Cup gives a more structured shape than your standard triangle cut bikini. Sizes A–D have 1” thick padding on the outer edge of the cup to offer a fuller and shapely bust. Size XL is not padded however additional padding can be provided upon request. Competitors with large or splayed breasts will find this cup the most flattering as the outer edge support will draw the breasts more central. The Sweetheart Cup is ideal for both figure & bikini fitness competitors with natural or enhanced breasts. Please note this cup does not lay flat and all measurements are taken along the curve.



The Triangle bikini is a slider style bikini top, which is cut from a flat layer of fabric and lined to allow padding to be inserted. The triangle is folded along the bottom edge and the back strap is fed through so the width of the cup can be adjusted. The Triangle bikini top is most suited for figure competitors and bustier bikini fitness competitors.

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